About Insider

"Insider is the 2nd Amplifier album. It was written Summer 2005, and recorded Autumn 2005.

Recording / work on the album took place with the help of Steve Lyon at Jacobs Studios in Surrey, England, in October - November, before further overdubbing took place at Miloco Studios in London November - December.

Finally the album was finished at the Amplifier room in Machester over Dec2005 - Feb 2006.

The record was mixed by Chris Sheldon in March/April 2006 at Eden Studios, Lonodon and mastered by Kevin Metcalf in April 2006

When you're in a band with a record deal,if you're lucky/unlucky enough, you'll come up against "The difficult second album" scenario.

Basically, this goes as follows:

You've had all the time in the world to get your first artistically succesfull album together, and then basked in all the wonderfull and ball cupping praise that accompanied it. You've toured your arse off and basically had a great time doing all the stuff that you've always wanted to do.

One day you get a phone call. It's your A&R representative. They tell you that the label really needs another album immediately in order to capitalise on all the good press and exposure that your band has been receiving. The only problem is that you don't have any new material because you've just spent the last 18 months promoting the previous album and there hasn't been a long enough period to do even some laundry let alone evolve a new record...

Ay ay ay !!! What are you going to do? You'd better reach inside your magic hat and hope you pull out a rabbit...

So basically to hatch Insider - I disappeared into a room for 3 months. I took a microwave, lived on snacks from the supermarket and with a never ending supply of weed, wrote the record.

We scored it all out because we wouldn't get a chance to rehearse it, let alone tour it before we went to the studio and then we just went in and recorded it.

Considering the bizarre way it came together It's actually a miracle that it got made at all, let alone that it came out as weird and fantastic as it did.

It was a pretty isolating experience birthing that record. That's probably why it's called Insider, although I wasn't exactly sure why it was called that at the time. It just was.

Self engrossed and reflecting, there are a lot of questions on that record, which I think is probably symptomatic of anyone who's going from being a young person to an adult.

This period of life is a kind of second puberty, except it's a spiritual and psychological one as opposed to biological. There is a darkening. A hardening. Call it commitment and resolve. There is no medicine more bitter.