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Studio Albums

2004 – Amplifier

2006 – Insider

2011 – The Octopus

2013 – Echo Street

2015 – Mystoria

2017 – Trippin’ With Dr Faustus

2023 - Hologram

 TBC - Gargantuan

Amplifier once got referred to as “Veterans” – It sucks when you’re now the old dudes when once you were the hot new thing.

That’s right – believe it or not at the turn of the century we were something bright and shiny and since that point we’ve put out 7 albums and countless EPs, each one as titanic and epic as the last, without ever compromising our integrity, dedication to the rock and maintained the eternal pursuit of the most excellent riff.

That elusive hunt has lead us to many weird and wonderful places – from countless kind peoples’ living room floors  in the furthest flung regions of the UK back when we were living out of a transit van,  all the way to the main stage at Download.  We've been found slumped in every kind of dressing room across the continent and you can catch a ride with us on tour buses which are on fire or are upside down on the verge of the autobahn or even those with toilets where the kitchen is which is also where you sleep.

We have been apprehended countless times by German Highway patrols (always completely innocently) and Swiss Border guards (we always pay our tax at the border) who seemingly like to sport with us in an eternal game of terrorise the English band.


We are and will always be good sports and good sirs . Join us on our journey.


Glory.  Glory.

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