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In This Thrilling Episode:


More to come

The Octopus -

New Media Book Format

New format cover - Respect The O

The new Media Book edition of The Octopus is now in production.

There are 2000 of these and will replace the simple Amazon gatefold format that has served us well for the last couple of years in spreading the news.


 The new format is much more inline with

The Octopus 1.0 Special Edition

and is a 64 page media book –

that’s the format that is like the edition of Mystoria  -

so a hardback book – but CD size, so it will fit on your cd racking –

although its about 3 times as thick as a normal CD.


What’s different?

Well we had to redesign it slightly in order to fit in the whole of the text and get a flavour for the trans-infinite-ness of the whole thing -

It’s got some new artwork in it, by Hajo Mueller who worked with Steven Wilson on The Raven That Refused To Sing, and has been working with us in the long ongoing process of designing The Octopus Vinyl Edition.


Many Gateways...

What else is new is that the Octo-dings are not in this edition

and they have been replaced with the actual text from


That’s pretty special in itself, but,  like a doctor’s handwriting,

don’t expect to get it all in one go when you sit down on the toilet with it.


The Black Notebook


If you want to simply look at pictures of the band and read the lyrics to the songs

then you should put your wallet away.


If you want to actually read some content - then

This item will be available now on Pre-Order  via

our store

or from Amazon,

and we will sign 200 of our copies.


 You can use the following promo code to get 25% off (£11.99)

for the pre-order period only


Use this code:



 And he’ll move up one room for you.


We’ll send it to you as soon as it comes back from manufacturing in the new year


Well – Like fast-running clockwork – it’s Christmas again.

Speaking of clockwork, Magnum’s Arctic Elves have kicked him out

and have formed a commune this year.

They seem to have decided that they are  going to

run things “properly”

and as they liked.


Needless to say Ampcorp.Industries have hired

Special Peace Envoy Tony Blair

to negotiate with the Elf Commitee,

and he is currently rectifying the situation with

Stormtroopers and trained dogs with clubs.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

We can only applaud Save The Children

for honouring his tireless work for peace this month.


On a more minor note – we  would like to take this Yuletide opportunity to thank all our friends and fans for yet another great year of unrivalled love and support.


And to prove that we’re not totally tight – we’d like to give you something for free that isn’t shite

as most free things are…


Ho Ho Ho-rse


We love this song

We almost put it on Mystori-balls

But we decided to keep it for the Faustus record

because the words kind of fitted in with the












See you next year groovers...

Santa doesn't have this kind of issue

promo code below....




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