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November 2017

Check out Big Jim's Latest psychedelic offering - 
He has indeed turned the
Machine into a Rainbow
albeit a very very weird one that's populated
with animal punks.

And the simple fact is that summer is over because it is now November.


You can still go tripping here if you haven't been

and if you're at all interested in how the guitars were recorded on this record and how it was different to the other records then you can watch this video...

Shows (others added)

This font is called "Religious Title". Praise The Rock. 

And click the link

Don't forget to pick your ideal setlist - we are still collating the results.
Vote twice - once for your favourite - and then a second one where you pick ones you didnt pick.
that should mix the results up even more.

Support comes from the mighty and girthsome


Catch them in London on

Friday December 8th


Record Side A - Sunriders Side B

It's a record.
It's not a CD.
But it is a download. If you like.

We might do an ep called CD

There were 500 - there are now about 80.

With Sister Assumpta

This month, Sister Assumpta writes:

"When I was working on the lyrics for Record with Colin and Bernie Taupin, we used to spend the afternoons in opium dens before getting inspiration for our themes.  This is where songs like "Crystal Ball", "Jazzy Shoes" and  "8 Legs of Woe" came from, although the last two we ditched because they were utter shite.  It might  interest you to know that originally Crystal Ball was told from the perspective of the Ball that was fed up with constantly being touched and man fondled in an unwarranted and non solicited manner.  As a nun I can now empathise with the ball's dilema, but back then it was mostly just an excuse for me, Colin and Bernie to get schizzled discovering Victorian Narcotics.  Anyway, Colin got all on his high horse about the original lyrics from CB and accused us of being species-ist so he spun the lyrics around so that the lyrics are now from the perspective of a spider that just happens to be in the room at the time and has nothing to do with the ball whatsoever.
The problem with Spiders is that they are very stuborn" 



RIP Higgins

In memorium of one half of the greatest comdey duo ever.  Enjoy




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