Record + Sunriders - Split 180g Black Vinyl

So is the title with the emphasis on the "C" ?

Or on the "O"?


That's up to you. 

This product has been designed with the flexibility to adjust its phonetic characteristics to suit the user using smart technology.

Actually - this is a split 180g Black Vinyl with Record on Side A and Sunriders on Side B.


500 only 


Side A - Record  (2017)


1 Kaleidoscope

2 Repeater

3 Crystal Ball

4 Chase Away



Side B - Sunriders (2013)


1 Spaceman

2 Sunriders

3 Never And Always

4 Close


Lovingly cut by Lathemeister Greg Norman who cut TWDF.

You can get a download here!

Record + Sunriders - Split 180g Black Vinyl

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