Now we appreciate that Newsletters Have been a bit thin on the ground this year.  But that’s because we’ve been busy as worker drones, working on Magnum™’s  Hive Mind Project.

(And Mystoria)



Led Zepplin V


We meant....

Alfred Hitchcock's New Movie

Ok,  Well we know that you lot think that we talk a lot of shit here.  But the fact is  - we're delighted to prove, once again, that the nonsense that we talk about does in fact concern real things....





With the words so you can sing along...

A kind of surreal nightmare

An 8 bit surreal nightmare

Anyway - All of this is just pointless wiffle waffle. All you need to know is that you need to pre-order Mystoria.

Right now.  So click on this,





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We only sell the Special Edition

With the extra tracks

And the proper Artwork


The Adventures Of


Tony Horsetana


The plain version is, well, for virgin beginners -And that's not anyone here.






Yes indeedy

We’ve been busy generating

All this top notch content

For your

Marginal entertainment

Also - You may have noticed That at the moment We've kind of gone insane And we’re just about the good times.

Don't Worry - It's just a phase we'll grow out of.



*Free coupon may only be redeemed in December 2014**

** Free coupon is entirely fictional

And now here's what we really want...

Uh -oh.  Looks Like they've fallen out.


6 Carry On Up The Grid
6 Carry On Up The Grid

And eat Sid's Hard Light Wall... Cor Blimey...

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1. Lampy's Arcade
1. Lampy's Arcade

Dave has taken over one of Silvio Berlusconi's old PLEASURE VILLAS. He's also turned it into a video arcade and unfortunately for Magnum a defence industry strobe and laser development centre. Uh oh - sounds like trouble...

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2 In The Arcade
2 In The Arcade

Magnum's still stuck on desert world... Rubbish...

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