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Echo Street

Released March 11 2013


Echo Street 2013

Echo Street


2.The Wheel

3.Extra Vehicular

4.Where The River Goes

5. Paris In The Spring

6.Between Today And Yesterday

7. Echo Street

8.Mary Rose


Total time: 61 Minutes


Mixed By Chris Sheldon

Mastered By Jon Astley

Echo Street is available in a few formats from us:


  • Download only

  • Heavweight 180g Double Vinyl

  • The beautiful Special Edition - which comes with a physical copy of Sunriders EP (the only place you'll get it!) - See below for details!

We really Like Echo Street - we wrote and recorded it in about 3 weeks in September 2012 - and as a result it is really focused, and quite a simple record for us.

It's not as heavy riffing as some of the other albums - but it's definitely more thoughtful.

A good smokers record... (which it was designed to be!)



"Echo Street can be seen as their reaction to The Octopus - more concise and direct, it loses none of its predecessor’s grandeur and delivers some of their best tracks to date."

Echoes And Dust


"Every single song on this album moves like a tidal wave, building up and rolling over the listener, crushing them with the force of a dozen untethered musical crescendos."

Scene Point Blank 9/10


"Amplifier gradually hone their heft into weirder and more wonderful shapes"

Kerrang 4K/5


"5 stars, classic album. "

Typical customer review

"Making Echo Street"

Echo Street 2013

"Echo Street Special Edition"

Echo Street 2013

A beautiful object in its own right.

A letter from the past pays tribute to a life that never was.

Heartbreaking stuff


It was designed with the Sunriders EP to accompany it.

You can find out about that record here



ECHO STREET - special edition

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