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Released July 04 2004



"The Consultancy"



When we made this record we knew it would be a slow burner.

Coming up to the 10th Anniversary -

its status as a cult classic is 100% cemented.



01. Motorhead
02. Airborne
03. Panzer
04. Old Movies
05. Neon
06. Post Acid Youth
07. On/Off
08. The Consultancy
09. One Great Summer
10. UFOs

Total time: 1 hour, 3 minutes

01. Boomtime

02. Half Life

03. Throwaway

04. Glory Electricity

Total time: 19 minutes

Bonus EP (CD version only)

“The biggest 3 piece on Earth - Amplifier make everything else around them look pathetically small”

- NME 8/10”


Amplifier is the sound of an utterly electrifying rock scene altering record. Enjoy it in all its infinite glory”. 

- Kerrang  5/5K


“Sets out the Amplifier blueprint to perfection. Simply - Colossal Riffs.”

- Metal Hammer 9/10

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