Spring 2022

Okay we're finishing off a new record - Should be out in May 2022
In the meantime there is Sel's albums "( )rphans" and  "Swell" to pass the time. 

There might be some shows in 2022 depending on safety.

It's a good idea to check out the Amplifier Bandcamp page - especially for continuous minor releases - most of them you can download for free if you want.

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Orphans Vinyl.jpg

Sel Balamir album       "( )rphans"

March 2022

Hot on the heels of "Swell" comes

"( )rphans"

Available on digital and Special Vinyl


Vers Red Feather.jpg

New Amplifier Track -
Red Feather

July 2021

Check out the new Amplifier track here...

Insider Lounge Versions Graphic.png

Insider "Versions EP" (2021)

March 2021

Thanks to everyone for their support in 2020

Here's a really great EP featuring some new versions of classic songs from Insider


Get it for FREE

Spacerocks Thumb.jpg

Spacerocks 2019 

September 2020

You can watch the 30 minute 2019 show from a 360 camera at the front of the stage.

1 - Departure Lounge 00:00

2 - Extra Vehicular 06:52

3 - Old Movies 14:02

4 - Supernova 19:42

5 - UFOs 24:16

Amplifier_oCTO3_Generic Packshot 300_edi

The Octopus  Vinyl - White Labels Now Available

October 2019

5 Sets of White Labels are available now for collectors.

Standard Vinyl is sold out, but you can go on the waiting list for any production over supply - there might be some copies on delivery

Amplifier_oCTO3_Generic Packshot copy.jp

Octopus Vinyl Pre Order coming very soon

March 2019

It looks like there will be capacity for about 500 copies so if you really want one you need to make sure you are down. If you already put your name down don't worry - you're down.

live at luxor copy.jpg

Live At Luxor

Septemeber 2018

Two Hours Of Rock Awesome

Swell - Cover  500.jpg

Sel Balamir album "Swell"

September 2021

Check out Sel's solo album while we get back to normality

There's a sexy vinyl version too  if you're into that


Debut Extended Vinyl_Pack Shot.png

Debut Vinyl -
Extended Version

June 2021

A sexy new EXTENDED version of the debut vinyl is now available for PRE ORDER from the Rockosmos Bandcamp store.

Extended because it has Glory Electricity as the encore after UFOs

And it looks amazing too.

Amplifier_Insider_BlackVinyl_Generic Pac

Insider Vinyl

March 2021

It will be available to order in March ONLY
After that we'll be down to left overs - so make sure you order it if you want it.

Kosmos Thumb.png

"Kosmos" M/CR18

September 2020

Ahead of the forthcoming "M/CR18" Live DVD, here's the mighty Kosmos.

You can download the soundtrack for free from bandcamp here if you like

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.25.21 AM.pn


July 2019

We're please to announce that Amplifier will be doing a special one off show at SPACE ROCKS at Indigo at the London O2 arena for the international day of space culture hosted by ESA the european space agency on SATURDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2019

Come and join us for a day of intergalactic wonder and pure science nerdiness and then a nice evening of epic space rock to round it off.

Event tickets available from the official site

Highly recommended.


Tour requests now open

February 2019

Follow the link to request us to play in your town.
150 requests = rock show.

This is a good method


Debut CD

September 2018

The original Debut CD is re-issued

Bonus EP_Bandcamp Cover.jpg

Bonus EP out on digital

July 2021

Click here to select your provider

Bonus EP_Bandcamp Cover.jpg

Bonus EP (2004)

May 2021

In case you missed it first time round we've made the Bsides from 2004 available for free (or you can chuck in if you like) on bandcamp!

Good sunshine tunes!

MCR18_Web Banner_800.png


November 2020

The new live album DVD is here.

It's a two hour riff fest

Check it out here!



March 2020

Coming Q2 2020

More news soon - in the meantime get the last copies of Live In Berlin


Octopus Vinyl Pre Order - Now open.

April 2019

There's still some left - Don't delay

Amplifier_DebutVinyl_Generic Packshot.jp

3 copies of Debut Vinyl discovered

October 2018

In an unmarked box we found 3 shrink wrapped copies of the Debut Vinyl.
The price is high to ensure that they go to the people who REALLY NEED them.