Mystoria - 2014 (Special Edition)
Mystoria 2014

01. Magic Carpet
02. Black Rainbow
03. Named After Rocky
04. Cat's Cradle
05. Bride
06. Open Up
07. Meld (Summer Of Love)*
08. OMG
09. The Meaning Of If
10. Darth Vader *
11. Crystal Mountain
12. Crystal Anthem
(*Bonus Tracks on Media Book Version)

Recorded April 2014

Monnow Valley, Wales

Mixed by Sel Balamir / Chris Sheldon
Mastered by Peter Van T' Riet

Available Formats:

180 Vinyl (10 tracks w/ standard CD)

CD Media Book (12 tracks Special Artwork)
Digital Download

Mystoria - 2014 (Special Edition)

  • Right There are some things you should know about this record. Firstly: It rocks like a bastard. If you're expecting "Tales From Topographic Oceans" then you're going to be disappointed. If you want "Back In Black" - then please step inside. Moving on: There are two versions The standard and the media book The media book has two bonus tracks - which we would recommend and also features more indulged and tolerated artwork fantasies - which this time involved climbing up Mount Snowden with an Arcade Machine. Dressed as a horse. The Vinyl comes with the standard CD version, but not with the bonus tracks. Confusing shit we know - sorry. You can email us if you're not sure!
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