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In This Thrilling Episode:


"The Meaning Of If" Live at Bristol Exchange, April 2015

Here’s a great version of  

“The Meaning Of If”  

from our show at The Exchange in Bristol back in April. 

In fact the whole show was really great so we might put it out in its entirety later in the year –

In the meantime enjoy some riffing...


Frankly we're pretty surprised we were invited back after what happened last time,

but hey,

you always need some jokers at the party,


so we're pleased to have been nominated for the best non prog - rock  album.


I think we've still got Matt's acceptance sprecht kicking around from last time

so if you can be bothered to vote

and you want a change from hearing

Steven Wilson's name again and again and again

then you know what to do...

JULY 2015

MYSTORIA (reprise)

In which we analyise the psychology of Chickens.

And get totally lost tyring to find the control room...

Well summer is here which means it’s time to do bugger all except play riffs in our rehearsal room while imagining that we’re really having a pint in a country pub listening to Mungo Jerry like in that advert.


So while we finish off the Faustus record in the coming weeks, it’s worthwhile reflecting back with a sense of sobriety over the 18 months that has made up the experience that was Mystoria, despite the fact that Black Rainbow is still on playlist on Planet Rock (where rock lives) for about the 10 billionth week, where it is currently enjoying a status very much like “I Just Called To Say I Love You”


We enjoyed making this album very much,

and its fitting that as we write this, our balls out rock record

gets nominated as Prog Album Of The Year.

We know just how Carlito felt in that film.


Special thanks to:

Thomas Waber, Jessica Lausen, Freddy Palmer, Haydn Brittland, Si G at ILIKEPRESS, Lost Agency PR and every one of you!

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