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  • Mafia Wedding Special !!!
  • New Mystoria TeeShirt!!!!
  • Bob Leith - Deputy Drums!!!
  • In The Design Studio With Magnum!!

In This Thrilling Episode:

New  Album TeeShirt


Doctor Evil / Bob Leith

The drummer of the lake has selected you.....

Uh oh...

From He to She

No sorry – have a baby















How this has happened we are not really sure – especially after we kept kicking him repeatedly in the crotch after last time in order to make sure that this type of thing never ever happened ever again…


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Matt!


Start them young...

Doctor Evil will be carrying out destruction over summer.


Here he is in action smashing the balls out of his drums with Cardiacs, which as we all knows is everyones favourites bands.


That sentence is tough for a villager...


The Doctor will be available for treatments at all of Amplifier's summer shows

The first one of these will be here in UK, our show at Beyond The Redshift , London May 10th.

Please book early for a consultation...

APRIL 2014

Mafia Wedding Special


We'd all like to make you an offer you can't refuse...

The families from the East side and the West side finally come together in to one whacking great Uberfamily...







How Chris Sheldon warms up his ears before work each morning

If we had kids they would be called Ampliballs or Superplifier.

Let’s pretend that that’s what the kids with horses heads are called.

We love Superball

Not only were they the label that Thomas Waber (The Rockfather) invented for our old chums Oceansize in order to give their talents a kindly home, but more importantly, they have a logo which is a pair of headphones with like an explosion happening in between them.

And the big news is that we are teaming up with Superball to bring you the next giant sized step in the Amplifier story...


Ladies And Gentlemen

Yes it is true...



Coming Soon To A Video Arcade near you

Even as you read this, we will almost certainly be having a meltdown as the studio computer refuses to speak to the studio convertors.



















I mean –

Even as you read this we will almost certainly be breezing effortlessly through recording the above mentioned album…















What is this Mystoria I have heard so much about,

but has yet remained so elusive and mysterious?


Well – when we made The Octopus,

some of you might remember that we wrote two albums

one was kind of dark and brooding and was like about the end of the world and the infinity of existence,

and the other one was about triumph, rainbows and arcade machines and being 19 and the infinity of existence.


So now you can earn an easy 1 trillion points by guessing

which record is which.

Cup Of Tea?

Recording sessions progressing well...


Friendly Cthulu?

Have A Baloon!

What we can tell you about Mysterioid is that it’s essentially like a repeated punch in the face.

Minimum Prog.

Maximum Rock.

Old school.


To quote our hero Lemmy:

























More news as and when anything actually happens....


Lemmy Speaks For His People

Matt Has A Holiday...

The other big news is that pretty much as soon as we are finished in the studio, Young Matthew back there on the drums is going to become a woman...

TV Guy

Is this you?

We need to talk...

This month:

Spanish Facial Landscaping

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