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APRIL 2017

It's brains you want


May cause hysteria.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Ok - you've all heard enough of this by now to know that it's ace.

Let's get this trip underway:
Thrills and spills galore.

Pre-order now if you please and then we can make the correct amount of stock.  The Stock Of Rock.

Pay Attention Please:

Double 180g Clear Vinyl - The last set sold out - so if you want this make sure you order it because we don't want to make much surplus.


And then there's the traditional Special Edition.
This year we feature the indepth Magnum/Satan Backstory.
The perfect length for a trip to the toilet.

With Sister Assumpta

And then there's the ingenious tee shirt format which doesn't feature any music.
Unless you buy it in a bundle and then it will.
It says "Trippin" on it - so dont wear it to work - unless you're the boss in which case wear what you like.

DON'T PANIC!!!  There's a black tee shirt option for purists.

We spent a long time making this record, principally because it was recorded on a tape machine that we basically had to rebuild from scraps from the dumpster around the back of the mill and whatever bits of debris we could fish out of the Ashton Canal.
We think you can hear the difference very clearly between what it sounds like to record on tape and what it sounds like to record on the computer - which all our other records were. 
The song Silvio was recorded on computer so you can compare what that sounds like to the rest of the album.

Speaking of song titles - here's what the songs are called.  You probably know all the names by now as some of them have been floating around  a while.


All these songs are about The Devil by the way - you meet him/her everyday

1.Rainbow Machine -    You know this one from the other month on Bandcamp right?- it's got the badman lyric in it
2 Freakzone -                God - Tell me about it.
3 Kosmos  (Grooves Of Triumph)  _ I've got a fuzz guitar - Oh my goodness gracious
4 The Commotion (Big Time Party Maker) - For The Egyptian Magician
5 Big Daddy -                Yes - our childhood wrestling hero - Vanquisher of evil and protector of the righteous and very small women.

6 Horse -                        The sound of moseying into a small town. Possibly incredibly high.

7 Anubis                         We all need someone to look up to.
8 Supernova                   It's pretty obvious we've split into 2 species

9 Silvio                            Actually this song could have been called Tony or Donald but Silvio earned this song first.  A timeless tale.

                                        Always the same outcome.
10 Old Blue Eyes            Everyone knows the score here.

Anyway - that's your starter course for now.

Here's Sister Assumpta's reminiscences on the business....




Sister Assumpta writes:

"I was living in San Francisco during the summer of love in 1966 I wrote most of the lyrics for Trippin With Dr Faustus.  It was somewhere in Laurel Canyon and I was trapped in a commune with Crosby Stills and Nash - Obviously Amplifier didn't exist yet because Matt Brobin hadn't been born and back then I was more of a tie dye hippychick with STDs -  Now I'm a nun." 



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