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In This Thrilling Episode:

Debut Vinyl

Finally we have the debut album on double 180g vinyl.

It will be here in time for Christmas and ships on 1st December.

There’s only 500 in existence – so if you’re a fan of this album then now is the time to rekindle your love affair with it.

Its been lovingly remastered and cut by Grammy winning lathe maestro Greg Moore who told me that he enjoyed doing the cut – and I can confirm that it sounds amazingly great.


There’s something about listening to rock music on record that really cant be beat.

Don’t get me wrong – we love CDs – we love streaming music in the car and out and about, we love checking out bands on bandcamp and soundcloud – but when it comes time to come pay homage to the tunes -Vinyl just sounds different and better and you hold it and you fetish it and you smell it and you rub against it..etc etc


Anyway – you either want it or you don’t



Rockosmos News

"Alpha" - ROK2
Alpha EP cover

Mmm - Heavyweight

The greatest entrance ever

If you don’t already know - which you probably don't because he hasn't really told anyone – Sel started a record label.
Also - he is currently talking in 3rd person 



Swans are right moody bastards

And Lo after much time the good lord did say

“stop fannying about and get finished already”

So that’s what happened.

No more songs.

No more Steve Durose solos 

No more thunderous drum fills.

No more chunky guitar tones.

No more Maggers rolling up in various Italian sports cars that don’t work. 

No more squashing spiders that inadvertently wander on to the tape machine record button.

No more.



Mixed in superior Spanish Stereo by Ears master Iago Lorenzo  -

The Doctor will be visiting with you early next year


Here’s the names of the songs - by way of some kind of half arsed strip tease


  1. Rainbow Machine

  2. Freakzone

  3. Kosmos

  4. Big Daddy

  5. The Commotion

  6. Horse

  7. Kaleidoscope

  8. Chase Away

  9. Silvio

  10. Supernova

  11. Repeater

  12. Old Blue Eyes

  13. Crystal Ball


Insider celebrates its 10 years anniversary this month.

It seems like a world away when we made that record in the lovely Jacob’s Studio in Surrey with the wonderful Mr Steve Lyon. It was a hard record to make, and the studio literally came to an end just as we were finishing it, which looking at it now was prophetic about a lot of things.

Some years ago I wrote about making it but I didn't get round to posting it up – so this seems like the perfect time!

Happy Birthday old timer.




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